Jose de Jesus Rubi

Grandpa Rubi


Jose de Jesus Rubi

Jose was born 4 May 1851, Cubero, New Mexico Territory. He died 15 September 1938, Winslow, Navajo County, Arizona. He was blind at the time of his death.

The following entry is found in the Isleta Baptismal Records (Gallup Diocese)
“Rubi, Jose de Jesus from Cebolleta was baptized on 4 May 1851. No age is given for hijo Cruz Rubi y Maria Reyes Tafoya. AP is Jose Maria Rubi y Juana Ruiz. AM Rafaeil Tafoya y Tomasa Chavez. PP Jose Santiago Ruiz y Josefa Sanchez. Nuestra Senora de los Dolores d Cebolleta.”
Note: AP – Abuelo Paterno (Paternal Grandparents), AM – Abuelo Materno (Maternal Grandparents), PP – Padrinos (Witness or Godparents)

According to Richard Rubi, JJ (as he was called by family and friends) married Damiana Garcia-Marquez of Cebolleta on January 9, 1884. Damiana was 17 years old at the time of the marriage. JJ was 33. It is unclear if JJ had already moved to Arizona prior to the marriage. We do know that their firstborn child, Pedro was born at St. Johns, Arizona in 1889.

About 1900, JJ moved his family from St. Johns north to Winslow. No reason is given; however, a family member recently stated that JJ no longer wished to work-the-land. He opened a saloon that was located across from the original Round House on East Second Street in Winslow. During Prohibition, the saloon was closed, and a grocery store was opened. During the ensuing years, he issued credit to families who simply could not afford to pay him for the food and supplies that they bought from him. He never attempted to collect the debts owed him.

We learned that JJ had at least one son son and a daughter born before his marriage to Damiana. To my knowledge, the children did not bear his name. The Mother of the children’s surname was Garcia. Any information about this family would be appreciated.

We do not know enough about Jose de Jesus Rubi. If there is anyone out there who can contribute to our history, please contact us. We WANT to hear from you.


Damiana Garcia-Marquez

Grandma Rubi

Damiana was born 5 October 1868, Cebolletta, New Mexico Territory. She died 25 December 1958, Winslow, Navajo County, Arizona. She married Jose de Jesus Rubi on January 9, 1884.

Damiana’s Ancestors

The following are records of two marriages that were recorded for Damiana’s Mother, Maria Decideria Garcia
19 January, 1857 Manuel Pena, resident of Sebolletta, the 20 year old unmarried son of Rafael Pena and Catarino Sedillo, married Maria Decideria Garcia, resident of Sebolleta, the 16 year old daughter of Estanislado Garcia and Teresa Rameriz, deceased. From Page 128 of the Marriages from the diocese of Gallup, New Mexico. 1777 to 1922, HGRC

Damiana’s Mother Remarries
4 January 1859 – Manuel Marquez, a resident of Sebolleta, the son of Lorenzo Marquez, deceased and Catarina Apodaca, married Decideria Garcia, resident of Sebolleta, the daughter of Tanislado Garcia and Teresa Rameriz (deceased). From Page 131 of the Marriages from the Diocese of Gallup, New Mexico: 1777-1922. HGRC

Charlotte Rubi Remembers Grandma Rubi

There are only a few family members left that had the privilege of knowing Grandpa and Grandma Rubi. I have asked Charlotte Rubi (granddaughter) to share her childhood memories with us.

“Our grandmother was a petite woman who was less than 5 feet tall. She wore a size 2 1/2 shoe. The shoes were always black baby-dolls with a strap on the top. She made her own clothes and they were always black.

Grandma did not believe in banks. She carried her money in the pocket of her homemade white underskirt. She always had to lift her skirt to get to the small wallet she always carried.

Grandma was a small, but mighty woman. She chopped wood, and washed all of her laundry by hand. She embroidered all of her sheets, and ironed them before putting them on the bed. She cleaned all of the mattresses once a year by taking them apart and washing the contents. She would lay the inside feathers or cotton inside of two sheets outdoors, and secure the sheets with heavy rocks to keep them from blowing away. She also whitewashed all of the walls in her home every spring.

Grandma was a wonderful cook! She made homemade bread every Saturday. She made Posole, Blue-Corn Enchiladas, and Panocha which was a pudding baked in the oven in large lard cans. There was never a person who came to visit that did not eat. Yet, there were only two small pots on top of her stove. It was almost like Jesus feeding a huge crowd with hardly any food. Grandma never left the house. The furthest she would go was to the fence at the end of her property.”

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    • Hey John
      Welcome to the Rubi-Lopez Family Website. Now, that so many of our families are connecting I hope to begin updating the site. I thank you for contacting me and visiting the website. Please invite family members to visit as well. This is your family history too! Our ancestry is more interesting than I could have ever imagined! 🙂

      • I’m so Excited and Proud to be connected to this website thank you for the warm welcome. Proud to be a RUBI DESCENDANT

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