Cruz Rubi

 A Bit of History

Cruz Rubi was born 15 June 1817, Cubero, New Mexico Territory. He was the son of Jose Maria Ruvi and Juana Ruiz. Cruz married Maria Manuela de los Reyes Tafoya (Talfolla) on 3 October, 1848, Laguna, New Mexico Territory.

Oct 3, 1848 Cruz RUBI, res not given, the s/o Jose Maria RUBI and Juana Rillos, Married Maria de Los Reyes TAFOLL, res not given, the d/o Raphael TAFOLA and Tomasa CHAVEZ.  Wit: Francisco Chavez and Juan Rubi. Test: Vicente Abeita and Juan Chaves. Off: Jose Vicente Montano, de Isleta en San Jose de la Laguna. Esta visita en el Pueblo de La Laguna. Page 84 of the Sacramental Records from the Archives of the Diocese of Gallup, Roll 4, Page 4, Frame 5.

Sacramental Records from the Archives of the Diocese of Gallup;NEW MEXICO;San Jose de la Laguna, 1777 – 1892; Nuestra Senora de Los Dolores, 1852 – 1889; San Rafael, Seboyeta, Gallup, 1890 – 1904; Gallup Cathedral, 1904 – 1922; A publication of the; Hispanic Genealogical Research Center Of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Cruz joined the Union Army in 1861. He served with his friend Captain James Lorenzo Hubbell (also known as Santiago) in the New Mexico Volunteers, Company N, 5th New Mexico Infantry Volunteers. About 1870, Cruz relocated his family from New Mexico to northern Arizona. The settled in St. Johns, Arizona. According to the Winslow Mail (December, 1993) Cruz Rubi freighted salt from Salinas, New Mexico to the Hubbell Family and other traders in Northern Arizona and New Mexico. He applied for a Civil War pension in 1898.

Their Family
Cruz and Reyes gave life to at least 11 children. Their names were:

  • Jose de Jesus – 4 May 1851 (Our Grandfather), Spouse Damiana Garcia Marquez
  • Juana – 1852, Spouse Ambrosio Armijo, 22 February 1868. Died 1931, St. Johns, AZ
  • Maria de los Reyes – 6 January 1853
  • Juan Candelaria – 4 February 1855
  • Librada – 21 February 1856, married Juan Chavez, 21 August 1879, Jose Maria Medeles, 2 July 1875
  • Maria Altagracia  – 18 January 1858, married Gabriel Armijo
  • Lina – 20 September 1861, married Encarnicion Lucero 7 January 1873, John Lorenzo Hubbell, 27 July 1881. Died 13 July 1913, Keams Canyon, Arizona
  • Gertrudis –  8 June 1863
  • Pedro – 29 April 1870
  • Benita –  2 April 1875
  • Paula – 1879

Certificates of Death included in the following gallery. if you click on the document it the size will increase for better viewing.

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