Hubbell Family Photographs

More Hubbell Photographs

The following photographs of the Hubbell Family were found on the internet. Included are Don` Juan Lorenzo Hubbell, Dona` Lina Rubi-Hubbell, Daughters Barbara and Adella, and sons, Lorenzo, and Roman.

My interest in the Hubbell family (Los Hobles) has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Lina-Rubi Hubbell was my Grandfather’s (Jose de Jesus Rubi) younger sister.

I learned that my Dad (who died before my third birthday) and my Uncle Charlie had worked for the Lorenzo Hubbell Trading Company most of their adult lives. Economic times were difficult during the years that led up to the Great Depression and Post-Depression years. Don` Lorenzo saw to it that his immediate and extended family members worked at the various trading posts located throughout Arizona and eastern New Mexico. They had jobs, roofs over their heads, and food to feed their families. (nepotism at its finest). Don` Lorenzo took care of his family, and they in turn took care of him. All benefited including the Navajo  people who were able to market their products with men who treated them fairly with the respect and consideration that they deserved.

At one point, Dad managed the Hubbell Trading Post at Na-ah-tee Canyon. Living on the reservation was difficult, at best. My parents were determined that their children receive an education and returned to Winslow. It is unclear as to whether my Dad began working for the Santa Fe Railroad at this time, or continued to work for his uncle. In any event it wasn’t long before he was back working at the Hubbell Trading Post in Winslow, Arizona. He was a skilled manager/accountant, spoke fluent Navajo and Hopi, and was a valuable employee who loved his Uncle.

After the death of Don` Lorenzo (1930) Dad and my Uncle Charlie continued to work for Lorenzo Hubbell, Jr. (their cousin, and their friend) until his death in 1942. Sadly, Don` Lorenzo’s trading post empire  began to unravel shortly afterwards.

If you are interested in reading more about the life of Don` Lorenzo Hubbell I recommend the following books:

  1. Indian Trader, the Life and Times of J.L. Hubbell by Martha Blue
  2. Hubbell Trading Post by David M. Brugge
  3. and, last but not least an amazing book of memories written by my cousin, Charlotte Rubi-Midcap (daughter of my Uncle Charlie Rubi) The name of her book is, I Remember My Father – Nah-Kaii-Tso. If you are a member of our immediate, or extended family Charlotte’s heartfelt words will touch your soul.

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