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 Linda Rubi-Crumm

Linda Rubi-Crumm

An Update From Linda

Following my Mother’s death in 1992, I asked my maternal uncle (Tony Lopez) if he would tell me about their family history. His response was, “I was too busy living history to record any of it”. The thought occurred to me that any information about my Lopez ancestry had died with my Mother. My Uncle told me later that he deeply regretted that he had not taken the time to record history as he lived it. I decided that I would begin recording the names and birth dates of my immediate family members. What I didn’t realize at the time, was that my seven siblings and their respective families exceeded 150 people with a minimum of 4 generations. I was totally overwhelmed with the magnitude of the project, and placed it on the back burner.

Several years passed. I heard of other members of our extended family that had been researching Rubi family history for a number of years. I told myself that one day I would speak to one of them. It was not until August, 2000, while attending my paternal aunt’s (Margaret Garduno-Rubi) 100th birthday celebration that I had an opportunity to do so. I began talking with a paternal cousin – Charlotte Rubi-Midcap. I had met her a few times previously at family celebrations and funerals. Charlotte began telling me about her years of researching our family history. She shared her belief that today’s Rubi family trees are descendants of a Spanish officer who had been sent to New Spain (what is now Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona) about 1725. Her research had led her to the name, Captain Alonso Rubin de Celis. Unfortunately, she had hit the proverbial brick wall in her genealogy research, and had not been able to find any credible documentation to support her theory.

My cousin also shared her childhood memories of our paterrnal Grandmother, Damiana Garcia-Marquez Rubi. Grandma had told her about a wonderful place in New Mexico. She called this place, Pajarito. Grandma Rubi told her that Pajarito was family owned until the land was taken away. My cousin, a very young child at the time, did not understand. She thought that Grandma was talking about little birds. For those of you who do not understand Spanish, Pajarito is is the Spanish term for little bird. After doing some I research, I learned that Pajarito was located in northern New Mexico territory, a few miles from what is now Albuquerque’s, Old Town. The land which Grandma spoke of was a Hispanic settlement along the Rio Grande Valley that was called Pajarito. According to author, Martha Blue, the Pajarito grant measured four miles from north to south (near Isleta Pueblo on the southern extent), and fourteen miles east to west. It was bounded by the Rio Grande and Rio Puerco Rivers. (approximately 500,000 acres)

I was hooked! You might say that I was bitten by the Genealogy Bug. I registered for a Beginning Genealogy class, and chuckled to myself when fellow classmates spoke of their obsession with finding their ancestors. Here I am 15 years later still searching for those same elusive roots. I have since taken several more classes, and continue researching via the internet, books, historical documents, and other various types of records. I have learned through experience that the most important key to genealogy research is through communication. I have established a network of contacts throughout the United States, Spain, and Mexico. You would not believe how many inquiries I get on a daily basis.

As you read through all of the information that has been included on this website, you may question the purpose for developing and maintaining this site all these years. These are the reasons why:

  • It is Fun! The creative juices continue to flow! I can tell you for fact that it is a lot easier to create/publish a website in 2015 than it was in 2002. Thank you, Word Press!
  • I can share what has been learned about our ancestry with family, friends, colleagues, and the internet community.
  • Our immediate/extended families have the opportunity to reconnect with one another.
  • Finally, and most importantly, it is an opportunity to communicate how proud the Rubi and Lopez families are of their ancestry!

A Collaborative Project

This website is not a project that I have completed by myself. I have had lots of help.  My computer pals, Clarisssa Cosgrove, Daria Landress, Randy Baca  (deceased), Juan Saavedra, and Carol Hubbell-Boggs have provided me historical records, reference materials, photographs, and supportive friendship. Special recognition for family members include Charlotte Rubi, Ina Rubi (deceased), Peggy Baer, Richard Rubi (deceased) , and Nancy McAllister. Charlotte planted the seeds that encouraged my interest in researching the Rubi surname. Ina and I launched this website without any idea what we were doing. Together, we learned how to design a website, search the internet, and interpret our findings. How I miss her. Nancy McAllister brought our Lopez family to the site. Nancy and her daughters (Kim and Lori) shared Lopez History/Photos that were inherited from their Grandmother, Lorraine Lopez-Stone. It has been an amazing experience!

May 23, 2010 – Special thanks to Philip (my grandson) and Peggy (cousin)  for guiding me through this revision. I couldn’t have done it without your help and guidance. I would also like to thank Lorie Starcher of LJS Designs for the use of her BannerWear and Word-Art for my graphics.

Please Note the Following Terms of Use

All information contained within this website is for personal use only. To the best of my knowledge the information that I have published is accurate. I have listed the documents that my research was taken from, and credited those persons that supplied information. Should you find any errors, please contact me.

Please Read the following Notice of Use by Clarissa Cosgrove, Genealogist

“Clarissa Cosgrove, overseer of records by David Gonzales, assigned by his family, states: Any entities in this tree, their descendants or comrades, having the source: TRANSCRIBED RECORDS OF DAVID GONZALES, shall not receive any plan/action of ulterior religious designation, baptism by proxy, and/or disrespect committed against their religious beliefs, without permission from Clarissa Cosgrove. Use for personal genealogical research only.

Clarissa Cosgrove is the property owner of the images and transcriptions from the St. Johns the Baptist Catholic Church Registry Records (St. Johns, Arizona) contained on this site. The actual church registries records are the property of Saint Johns the Baptist Catholic Church of the Diocese of Gallup and exclusive permission is required for uses beyond personal genealogical research pertaining to the information, dates and names contained in the Saint Johns the Baptist Catholic Church Registries Records made available on this website and the websites connected to this one. Any plan/action of ulterior religious designation, baptism by proxy, and/or disrespect committed against the faith and religious beliefs of the people listed in these records and its images, including their families, comrades, and/or their descendants has not been awarded, not granted or nor approved by the Diocese of Gallup.

Please include this Notice of Use in the sourcing of the information pertaining to what is described above in your personal research and collection.”

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I really think we should be in touch. I have been collecting deCelis information for at least 14 years, and have collected them without organization. My own understanding of Rubin deCelis
    does not include New Mexican ties. But there seems to be an obvious connection that has not
    to my knowledge been documented. I am not a deCelis. My grandmother married into the family in approx. 1883. My father was half brother to Leon deCelis the last male descendent of the
    Santander, Cambria Spain family who settled in the Los Angeles, California area in 1804..

    There must be a way for us to exchange information aside from the rather public route through Ancestry.com and cohorts. I think there are several deCelis families trying to claim to belong to
    the Rubin family. Perhaps the time has come to a time to celebrate all the deCelis’s together.

    My name is Marlene and I live in a suburb of Seattle, WA, but am a fifth generation Angeleno
    dated to Pueblo of Los Angeles dating back to at least 1802 and 1840

    I am looking forward to an exchange of information with you. I must warn you up front, that I
    am usually behind in my correspondence.

    A sincere thank you,

    • I would very much like to connect with you, Marlene. Please contact me via e-mail at rubifamilygen@gmail.com at your convenience.
      Like you I always seem to be running behind in correspondence but will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your willingness to discuss Rubin de Celis History with the Rubi Family.

  2. Linda, this work you have done is not only outstandingly well done, it is also a blessing for all of us! Thank you for saving our families’ stories, our collective historia! ¡Dios te bendiga!

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